Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Process

In the 19th century, rolling mill technology was the only technology used in manufacturing to make stainless steel tubes for industrial use. This rolling technique involves a very long procedure. With the help of funnel rolls, the rolled strips are formed into circular cross-sections, which are then lap welded on these rolled strips by a forge welding process.

Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, various processes for manufacturing stainless steel tube 304 have appeared. The purpose of this article is to introduce them to you.

1. Rolling and welding

First, the stainless steel strip is sent to the manufacturing workshop after various quality checks and edge trimming, and the strip is passed through the number of rolls in the required size. In a tube mill, the strip is gradually transformed into a tube shape. The trim of the strip is then welded using the TIG welding process using the assembled welding machine. The machine immediately removes scrap and internal weld beads, thus forming rolled tubes and tubes.

2. Cleaning and heating stage

The rolled stainless steel tubes thus produced are cut to the required lengths according to industrial requirements. These stainless steel pipes and tubes are then cleaned to remove dirt. Additionally, these rolled tubes and tubes are heat treated to relieve stress that may arise due to welding and forming processes. The heat treatment is carried out on a continuous rolling hearth furnace equipped with a temperature recorder and controller. After the heat treatment process, the SS pipes and pipes are straightened and pickled to remove the surface scale.

3. Cold drawing process

In some cases, many customers will choose to sizing, at which time the manufacturer needs to use a cold operation process to obtain the required size. During cold drawing, the tube or pipe is coated with a solution of oxalic acid and soap. The solution acts as a lubricant to reduce friction during cold drawing operations. During the cold drawing process, a die plug is used to pull the tube or pipe onto the table.

4. The finishing process

The drawn tube or stainless steel tube is then cleaned, heat treated, pickled and straightened. Computer inkjet marking machines are used to mark finished pipes or tubes. Tubes or tubes are stamped with material grade, size, heat number and third party inspection stamp prior to delivery to the customer. These stainless steel pipes or pipes will also be properly packaged and shipped after certain testing and quality checks.

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